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Download the Sample Web Design Contract Agreement Template

Download the Sample Web Design Contract Agreement Template

The success of any business relies heavily on ethical business practices, inclusive of freelance web design. The following guide is a walkthrough for you, the average hustling, on best practices for web design services, including a proposal for projects, invoicing policy, and collection of payments. Let’s go through each section of the template and discuss few tips to get the most out of it…

Please note that we built this downloadable template base on ‘Contract Killer‘ open-source template and Geno Quiroz article on website design contracts. Do check those sources for more information. Disclaimer: You should always consult a lawyer for your specific situations. This template should not be used as legal advice.

First page of the template

Purpose of the Web Design Contract Agreement Template

Our web design contract agreement template is aimed at defining what is expected (regarding goals and workflow) in the development and maintenance of your client’s website. In the contract, we also stipulate disclamations and limited liability, alongside the required legal information for the development of your client website and other related work. The contract will, therefore, be a signed agreement between your company, and your client.

Contract Stipulations: What is Included in the Contract

Even though this is a legally binding document, You should try to keep it plain and simple; no complicated legal jargon that binds your clients to something they do not really understand. If any part of the contract is not comprehensible, You should ask your client to raise queries. The contract is merely a stipulation of the services you are bound to offer at the agreed upon rates, and the frequency of payment that your, client, are bound to make upon the delivery of your stipulated services. These terms are only enforceable upon signing of the contract by both parties; that is, client, and you, the service provider.

What Does the Agreement Entail?

On your part, signing the contract is on your own behalf and your firm. The agreement stipulates that client will provide all the necessary requirements for the completion of any task as described in specificity for all contracted jobs. The agreement also requires your client to review your work as you progress and upon completion, providing the necessary feedback and approvals promptly. Finally, by signing this contract agreement, your client agree to make payments of reviewed and approved work in time as detailed explicitly in the work contract.
On your end, this agreement entails a guarantee that you have the ability and experience to deliver any service that you have signed off on, and that you will provide it in time and professionally. This includes confidentiality agreements on client firm’s operations.

Web Design Services Covered in this Contract Agreement

You can offer various web design services, predominantly look-and-feel designs and other layouts that are flexible and adaptable to multiple screen sizes. While you provide the design, you should ask your client to provide the text and photography. Among the services contained in this contract agreement template include browser testing (including desktop and mobile browser testing), search engine optimization (SEO), changes and revisions, and technical support. The specifics of each type of work are detailed in full work contracts for each assignment.

Copyrights and Legal

You should ensure the best quality work but mention that you cannot guarantee error-free work, and this should be included in your limited liability and disclaimer clauses. Copyright for the software and web designs belong to you, while the copyright for visual elements, images, texts, and other artwork belong to your client.


In this template we stipulates that 50% of fees are payable upon service initiation, and the remaining 50% upon completion and approval of a project. You can adjust those figures for your need.


You should try to include footer links for your services on clients website for referral purposes upon their approval. If you have anything to say about this Web Design Contract Agreement Template, please let us know in the comments below. We hope this will help you to get esteemed clients.

When the download is complete your browser may give you a warning about potential danger of the file. You can safely ignore that and keep the file.

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