MalCare Live Training Session for our Hus-lings

The team at MalCare are interested to do a live training session about WordPress security best practices and how to provide WordPress Care as a service to your customers. If you want to become a WordPress security ninja then you should attend this session. Title of the session is, Master WordPress security with MalCare. We have also arranged a massive MalCare giveaway. You can apply to it from our Giveaway Page.

WordPress security best practices and How to provide WordPress Care as a service to your clients

Learn how to use MalCare like a pro and add more value to your WordPress web design business

Thursday, June 21st at 10 AM EDT

Event for Pro Hustle Facebook Group Members · Hosted by MalCare Team


Session Agenda:

i. Best Security Practices every WP site owners must follow

* Essentials (Must do)
* Good to have
* Things to avoid (Security myths)

ii. Selling MalCare to your Clients

* Why Security is important to WordPress
* Security as a differentiator for more maintenance contracts
* What makes for a good security solution
* Why MalCare

You can leave questions for the MalCare team in the related announcement post in the group.

Here’s a review about MalCare:

MalCare focuses on both cleaning a hacked website as well as protecting it from all possible online threats. It gives you the same level of security as other popular products like Sucuri, iThemes Security, and WordFence but for a fraction of the cost.

See how MalCare compares with other popular WordPress security solutions:

1. iThemes Security.
2. SecuPress.
3. SiteLock.
4. Sucuri.
5. WordFence.

MalCare is the most affordable yet feature rich WordPress security solution in the market right now!

If you are not part of the Pro Hustle Community yet then now is a good time to join. We welcome all Freelancers, Agency Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Wantrepreneurs from all parts of the world. This is the first of many training sessions to come… We love our Hus-Lings! Hope you all make the most of this session we arranged for you guys.

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Intro to MalCare:

MalCare is a comprehensive WordPress security plugin, developed after analyzing 200,000+ WordPress sites. It took over 2 years to create and focuses on both cleaning a hacked website as well as protecting it from all possible online threats.

MalCare Statistics:

1. MalCare has scanned over 200,000 WordPress sites.
2. The largest site that they have scanned was over 300 GB.
3. They are compatible with 5000+ web hosts. They have partnered with few of the biggest names such as Pantheon and WPEngine
4. And they hold an incredible 70+ NPS score.

MalCare Security Solution features:

1. Scanner
MalCare Scanner goes beyond signature matching to detect complex malware. And does not slow down your site when during the operation.

2. Cleaner
MalCare’s One-Click automatic cleaner surgically removal of malware from your website.

3. Firewall
It blocks bad traffic from accessing your site and protect the login page from brute force att

4. Website Hardening
This helps perform WordPress recommended site hardening features with the click of a button.

5. Website Management
It allows you to update or delete plugins, themes, WordPress core. Also change roles or password of any user from the MalCare dashboard.

6. White-labeling & Client Reporting
It enables you to resell our services to your clients under your brand name. And generate insightful security reports for your clients.

Brief on the company:

Akshat Choudhary is the founder of BlogVault, Migrate Guru & MalCare. BlogVault, a premium WordPress backup service was our first product and it launched back in the year 2010.

It began as a side project that was supposed to run its course in just two weeks. But after realizing that the side-project can be turned to a profitable business, Akshat quit his job and began developing the service full-time.

Fast-forward to 2018, the team behind BlogVault have built two more plugins (Migrate Guru and MalCare) for the WordPress community.

Today they have offices located in India and the US. They have more than 20,000+ paid customers from over 150 countries.

The products:

BlogVault is the most reliable website backup service which provides the safest and the best way to backup a website.

Migrate Guru is a completely free automated WordPress migration plugin and is their biggest contribution to the WP community 🙂

And MalCare is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress security plugin that they recently launched on AppSumo to an overwhelming success. MalCare was the Only WordPress Security Plugin that sold out on AppSumo in 2 weeks. It took the team over 2 years to create this comprehensive security solution. MalCare was developed after analyzing over 200,000 WordPress sites. It uses the collective intelligence from its network of site to keep a WordPress website protected from hackers, malware, etc.

The team:

After deciding to quit his job and focus on growing BlogVault, Akshat hired three more programmers. In the last two years, they have tripled their team and presently have 13 young minds striving to serve their users better.

We hope this company introduction give you bit of a background about the product and the team behind it. As you can see its a very useful plugin backed by some of the smartest WordPress security experts in the industry.

Alright, See you all in the session!

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