How to use Accounting information for Business Decision Making (with Google Sheets)

In the previous article we discussed about accounting fundamentals. Here we show you how to practically use these information for business decision making. Like before we are going to use Google sheets for demonstration. Google Sheet is a spreadsheet provided by Google which is alike the Microsoft Excel. Preparation of financial statements and other reports are not valuable if the users do not utilize them in the decision making process.

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Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners (with Google Sheets)

Bookkeeping is a continuous process of recording all kinds of financial related transactions of a company based on standard methods. It is mainly about recording, organizing, and classifying all financial transactions of an organization. This is useful for a business in order to manage expenses, to make cash flow decisions and to overall run the business more responsibly.

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Learn how to improve your writing with Grammarly Chrome Extension

In this age of Internet we heavily use writing as a form of conveying a message or an idea. While video is the best medium of communication in online, it’s not always the best in every situation and sometimes can be inconvenient. However, writing in this new virtual world plays the same important role as it has played in the past. Some Things Never Get Old… We use it in just about every way both formal and casual. Given how important text communication is it’s only fitting that you’re not only able to write well but are able to correct your mistakes before hitting that send/publish button. There’s a tool that can help with your writing call ‘Grammarly’… And its FREE! We are going to talk about in detail now.

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MalCare Live Training Session for our Hus-lings

The team at MalCare are interested to do a live training session about WordPress security best practices and how to provide WordPress Care as a service to your customers. If you want to become a WordPress security ninja then you should attend this session. Title of the session is, Master WordPress security with MalCare. We have also arranged a massive MalCare giveaway. You can apply to it from our Giveaway Page.

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Download ‘Dyad’ Food Blog Template

UPDATE: This particular WordPress themes has been abandoned and no longer maintained by the main creator. We do not recommend using this freebie child theme template in your web builds unless you are proficient to maintain it yourself.  
Here’s our latest freebie release: Dyad WordPress Child Theme for Food Bloggers – with one click instant setup feature. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DEMO

Whenever you are about to create a new blog, you must always look for the perfect blogging platform. Self hosted version of WordPress is the best blogging solution in the market right now. WordPress offers you many features to manage your online business. If you are a foodie and you want to create an excellent food blog, then you should consider using WordPress as the content management system.

To plan out your food blogging project, you should focus on few basic things first. You need to check existing popular food blogs so you can have inspirations to get started with your own project. Food blogging has potential to make you good money. However, if you are not doing it right, then you won’t get the expected results. Here are few things that you should look at before getting started on your food blog.

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Download the Sample Web Design Contract Agreement Template

The success of any business relies heavily on ethical business practices, inclusive of freelance web design. The following guide is a walkthrough for you, the average hustling, on best practices for web design services, including a proposal for projects, invoicing policy, and collection of payments. Let’s go through each section of the template and discuss few tips to get the most out of it…

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